Since 1982, Our Mission at Heart Keepsakes has been to provide people around the world with ever-lasting Memories of those special people and/or occasions in their lives.

Memories of that Special Wedding Day; with jewelry made from wedding flowers, or alteration material.

Memories of that special Baby's Birth; by creating baby keepsakes such as ribbon angels, flower charms, or baby bracelet.

Memories of the Loss of that Special Loved One; by creating rosaries from roses or ribbon.  Or glass jewelry with their ashes encapsulated.

YOUR OWN Flower arrangements, ribbons, bows, wedding dress alterations, tattered baby blankets, ashes, pet momento,  MADE into forever Heart Keepsakes.

BRIEF HISTORY:  After years of research, we found the existing form of creating flower petal keepsakes flawed. So in 1982 our family owned business created our “one of a kind” special formulated chemical compound. This Special Formula allows us to hand roll and assemble each flower petal (ribbon) bead, 3-D jewelry, glass jewelry and home décor keepsake. This also allows us to guarantee each and every Heart Keepsake with 100% money back guarantee for life. 

The care given to each order is unsurpassed, and you may expect receipt of your keepsakes within 4 weeks of mailing. Yes, 4 weeks…..not 6 months.

A NOTE:  You will find as you print your order form a Special Request section. The Special Request provides you the opportunity to write in the reason for your heart keepsakes order. This allows us to pray with you as we create YOUR keepsake.

*Flower Instructions: Separate each petal from stem and bud.  Place ALL  petals, even if they are a variety of colors, in ONE BOX.  

Placing flowers in plastic, tissue, packing or paper bags may cause them to MOLD.


Mailing instructions for flowers, ribbon, cloth, ashes, pet keepsake:

*Select desired keepsakes and 'add to cart'. 

*Submit your order, This submission is for our reference ONLY.

                     *PRINT YOUR ORDER FORM*

*Place printed order form, personal check (or money order) in the box of petals, ribbon, ashes, pet keepsake, etc.  


Mail to: Heart Keepsakes, P. O. Box 57, Inglefield, IN  47618.

We at Heart Keepsakes are a sole entity and not affiliated with any other flowers made into rosaries or flower jewelry sites.

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